The Myself

Born and bought up in Guwahati , I was lucky to be born in an era where outdoors used to mean much more than a compulsory activity . When fun used to mean playing outside and getting bruises and learning how to do things from experience rather than reading it online . In a time when mobile phones and laptops were unheard of and desktop computers were a very costly luxury . All this meant that I had a lot more time to spend with people , books and nature  compared to children today .

Living in various parts of India during different parts of my life , I am quite the expert in adapting , both culturally and gastronomically . And that itch to learn , to explore and to try something new has  made me the person I am now . Not that I have done anything special so that people will know me , but have done enough to tell stories to my future generations .

An engineer by profession , a foodie by choice and a traveler by instinct , that kind of sums up my about me section .  With this , I invite you to go through the posts of this blog and leave whatever comments you feel like . You can also mail me @ [email protected] .

Welcome to my world ….

The Genesis

 Sunrise to symbolise new startThe journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

The dream of doing something for myself was kindled a long time back and being a computer guy , a website was just about the easiest thing to try .  So here it is, the genesis of my site. 🙂

As of now , this site will be focused on the two things i am most passionate about , namely eating and traveling . Lots of ideas are in store , lets see how this works out . So everyone viewing this website , please feel free to leave feedbacks and do keep revisiting .

See you soon!!

The Foodie

Indian Platter

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. ~ George Bernard Shaw

One of the things that i always thinking about is food. So much so that when i see “What is on your mind … ” in my Facebook page , the first thing to come to my mind is what am i going to eat next!

So this page is dedicated to my views on different dishes , food junctions , restaurants and anything that deal with food .

Keep Eating …

The Tripper


The world is a book , and those who do not travel , read only a page. ~ St. Augustine

The only passion that comes to my mind (after food obviously ) is traveling . Sometimes with a destination in mind, sometimes without, traveling is one of the most exhilarating and liberating feeling known to man (mostly me ).

Nothing beats the happiness of visiting a completely unknown place with completely new people and a new culture. So join me in revisiting the tiny corners of the globe where I have been to , through my eyes .

Enjoy nature ..