Umananda – a sanctuary amidst turbulent waters

Umananda Temple

Image courtesy : Yathin_sk(Wiki Commons)

True merit , like a river , the deeper it isĀ  , the less noise it makes . ~ E F L Wood

The tiny Umananda Island or Peacock Island is the smallest inhabitable river island in the world. With a temple with historical and mythological significance , this island is also the home of beautiful Golden Langurs .

It’s a great place if you want to break free from the hustle – bustle of the Guwahati city even if it’s just for an hour or two. Right in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra, this picturesque rocky island is mythologically said to be created by the Hindu god Shiva for beloved wife Parvati’s pleasure and happiness . It is also the place where he made Kamadeva pay the greatest price for disturbing his meditation .

Mythology aside, one can simply sit on the rocks in the middle of one of the biggest rivers of the world and watch the multitude of boats and ferries criss – cross the seemingly calm waters . Reachable only by boat, this place is definitely not for aqua phobics . A meagre Rs. 10 for both way journey and a journey time of about five minutes for one way , aboard a ferry is definitely a luxury everyone can afford .

Next time you are in Guwahati do take a trip to Umananda island and don’t forget to tell me how it feels.


2 thoughts on “Umananda – a sanctuary amidst turbulent waters

  1. Hi Sisir,
    Which is the island that one sees from the ghat where the Durga puja immersions take place??

    1. If you are talking about a full island with trees and all , its Umananda . If you mean a time rocky island with a tiny light – tower , its Urvashi .


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