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The Ambiance @ Genuine Broaster Chicken

Genuine Broaster Chicken , Guwahati

A few days back , another national brand , namely Genuine Broaster Chicken opened its outlet in Guwahati after many other places in India like Hyderabad , Mumbai and Kolkata . The the basic concept of the chain is to provide a fusion between American Cuisines and Indian ones .

The Ambiance @ Genuine Broaster Chicken
The Ambiance @ Genuine Broaster Chicken

Genuine Broaster Chicken has something to offer for every palate . Right from people who like it completely non- spicy products to those who love it hot , Genuine Broaster Chicken has something for them . And for the vegetarian ladies and gentlemen of Guwahati , please don’t be disheartened as it has a lot of variety for you as well .

Veg and Non-veg burgers
Veg and Non-veg burgers

Among all the beautiful and yummy food that we had , my personal favorite was the Spicy Broaster Chicken and the Chul Bul Soda for the starters , The Ghotala Khichdi and Begum Chicken Keema for the main course and Chocolate Samosas with Mango Ice Cream for desserts . Alongside this , the Palang Todh , a mocktail of Red Bull and Coffee liqueur , definitely had a long lasting kick .

Ghotala Khichidi
Ghotala Khichidi

This fusion extends to the ambiance as well . Sitting arrangements range from classic Indian style wooden furniture to steel chairs painted in Stars and Stripes .  From rugby helmets to jute bags , they have done the best work to bring out the combination of both the countries . The interiors of Genuine Broaster Chicken’s Guwahati outlet is another reason why its attractive to the customers .

Broaster Chicken Platter with dips
Broaster Chicken Platter with dips
Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream
Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice Cream

And as their tag line goes , “IF IT’S NOT BROASTER®, IT’S NOT BROASTED®” , we hope that they maintain their quality and strive for better service  .  Do visit the Genuine Broaster Chicken , Guwahati and let me know if you like it .

Facebook Page : Genuine Broaster Chicken , Guwahati.


Narikol Laru – Coconut Laddus

Coconut is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet . And maybe because of this , coconuts has much religious significance for the Hindus . This post is about making yummy laddus from the coconut flesh in Assamese style – Narikol Laru .

narikol laru

   I happen to love coconut , particularly for that sweet and crunchy texture it adds to any dish . ~ Marcus Samuelsson

Ingredients :
  1. Two to three coconuts .
  2. About two hundred and fifty grams of sugar or jaggery (according to taste) .
  3. A pinch of salt .
  4. Four – five cardamom pods .
  5. One tablespoon ghee .
 Procedure :

Remove the outer cover and then crack the shell to remove the water inside the coconut . Extract the white flesh of the coconut and grate it . You can use a hand-held grater ( one which is used to get thin strands ) or even you food processor if it has a grating blade . If you are using jaggery , grind it as well or cut it into small pieces . Alternatively , you can melt the jaggery in a cup of warm milk .

Heat about a tablespoon of ghee in a shallow bottomed non-stick pan . Open the cardamom pods and add them to the pan after the ghee melts . Then add the grated coconut and stir the contents . After about five minutes , add the sugar or jaggery as per your choice . Stir this mix for every few minutes till the coconut starts releasing its awesome aroma . Then add a table-spoon of sweetened condensed milk . Keep stirring till the coconut gets caramelized to a lovely golden brown colour . And keep your gas on simmer throughout the process .

Switch off the heat and let it cool for about half an hour or till you handle the coconut mixture with your hands . Take a fistful of the mixture on your palm and roll it tightly to form a sphere . I prefer using both hands to form a proper shape and thickness for my narikol laru .  You can also add dry fruits to the narikol laru for extra texture and flavor .


Lau palla pitha – pumpkin ricecake

We all loves pumpkins . So much so that we Assamese folks have a pitha or a ricecake using pumpkins . This article will teach you to make awesome lau palla pithas !!!

Lau palla pitha - pumpkin ricecake

   Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of the pumpkin . ~ Simone Schwarz – Bart

Ingredients :
  1. One kilo rice
  2. Two coconuts .
  3. About two – three hundred grams of jaggery (according to taste) .
  4. A pinch of salt .
  5. 250 grams of ripe pumpkin .
  6. Oil to fry the pithas ( mustard or refined )
 Procedure :

Wash and soak the rice for about two hours .Also peal the pumpkin and remove the seeds . Also cut them roughly into small pieces .

In the meantime melt the jaggery in about 200 ml of water . Once the jaggery melts completely , add the pumpkin into it and let it boil for some more time to become soft . Make sure that there are no lumps of jaggery in this mixture . When the pumpkin becomes fully mashable by hand , which off the flames and let it cool .

Remove the rice from the water and spread it on a newspaper sheet for about ten minutes . This will get rid of the access water . Then grind the rice to a fine flour in a grinder and mix it with the grated coconut . Mash the pumpkin to form a almost liquid sticky jaggery – pumpkin paste . Slowly add this paste to the rice flour and mix properly to make a dough . Shape this dough into small disc shapes .

After you are done shaping the dough into these shapes , heat oil in a shallow pan and fry them . Make sure that they do not touch each other and flip them over every minute or two so that they are evenly fried from both sides .

Remove them from the oil when their color becomes deep brown and they give out the nice aroma of pumpkin . Put them on a tissue or newspaper for about 5 minutes to remove the access oil . And you have your lau palla pitha ready to be served with a cup of strong Assam tea .