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Deepor Beel – a birdwatcher’s paradise

Deepor beel is a permanent wetland located in the Kamrup district of Assam . Known primarily for the migratory birds which visit it every winter , this is a Ramsar Wetland . Elephants taking bath in deepor beel Photo Courtesy : Neeraj K Phookan

Not all elephants are born in Africa , there are some in Asia , too . ~ Walt Disney

The name Deepor Beel literary translates to “Elephant’s lake ” in Sanskrit and Assamese . Thus it goes without saying that herds of wild elephants are spotted here quite often . But the birds visiting this huge lake in winter is what makes it so famous among the nature lovers , specially the birdwatchers .

DeeporBeel was connected to the Brahmaputra river in the past , which had enriched the lake with a variety of aquatic fauna. Although the connection has ceased to exist , the fish population is still there . The nearby villages comprise mainly of fishermen , who depend on the lake for their livelihood . Locals here have a noteworthy fishing agreement wherein outsiders aren’t allowed to fish in the lake . Fixed locations for fishing are allocated and they have a community fishing occasionally which is an absolute delight to shoot through your lenses . This pact allows a somewhat equal distribution of the fish . These fishermen also take out people for cruise and photography in various parts of the lake in their small wooden fishing boats .

But inspite of all the efforts of various organizations to protect its natural and biological value , deepor beel is fast losing its resources due to illegal encroachment in the lake . So please do make it a point to visit this gem of nature before humans destroy it .

How to get there :

Take the road toward Guwahati Airport from Jalukbari . Take left at the Y – Intersection to go towards Accoland on the Guwahati – Accoland – Rani road. Take another left just after crossing the BSF IG Headquaters and follow the road for about 5 more kilometers and you will reach the office of deepor beel guards .

Another way is from Garchuk on NH 37 . Take left from the highway to the Gorchuk – Pahomi road towards at Garchuk . Follow the road for about eight kilometers to reach the spot .

Timing :

Dawn to Dusk Everyday .

Entry fees  :

None . However boatmen charge Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 for cruises depending on the distance you want to explore .


Shillong Peak

shillong peak

It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top . ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Shillong , the capital of the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya , is just 80 kilometres from Guwahati . The  Shillong Peak , also called Laitkor Peak, is located about ten kilometers from the center of Shillong , inside an Indian Air Force base . On a cloudless day this place gives a perfect birds eye view of the beautiful city of Shillong . Located at the height of 6449 feet , this is the highest peak of Shillong , and an absolutely must visit if you are there .

This is a prominent picnic spot of the state with ample place for parking and cooking . The beautiful alpine forest and the cool breeze can lift anyone’s spirits any day . And the view from there is just amazing . And do not miss eating some spicy snacks or hot Maggi with a steaming cup of tea at Shillong peak .

Tip : Thorough checking is compulsory at the gate , so try not to carry any illegal or banned items . Helmets are compulsory for even for pillion rider of two wheelers to enter the camp , and they are available for rent at the shops near the gate .

How to get there :

Easiest way is to hire a cab to take you there which should be about Rs. 150 – Rs. 200 .  Or you can take a local tour for around  Rs. 1000 . You can also check these tours organized by the Government of Meghalaya .

Timing :

9AM to 5 PM Everyday .

Entry fees  :