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Local Rice Beer and Spices @ Shillong Beer Festival

Shillong Beer Festival

The Shillong Beer Festival

There is no such thing as a bad beer. It’s that some taste better than others.” – Bill Carter .

Fried Chicken and Rice Beer @ Shillong Beer Festival
Fried Chicken and Rice Beer

This was exactly the first thing that came to mind when i entered the Shillong Beer Festival yesterday . Hosted or the 4th time on the 21st of October , it took place in the scenic Orchid Lake Resort with the very beautiful Barapani Lake in the backdrop . Sitting on the wooden platforms on the lake and sipping beers with your friends is always an awesome feeling . If only the weather was better , it would have been a much better event .

Mahau Beer @ Shillong Beer Festival
Mahau Beer

Multiple national brands like Magpie and Savage were available alongside international brands like Budweiser and Mahau . But what was special about the event were the local rice beers from various parts of Meghalaya . Served in bamboo tubes or tumblers , these are the drinks that you normally don’t get to buy in wine shops !!

Local Rice Beer
Local Rice Beer

My favorite turned out to be a local rice beer which they mixed with red chili powder and salt before serving . The taste was really nice and totally unexpected from a beer , specially a locally made one . It also provided a welcome change from all the branded beers which were available in the event .

Local Rice Beer and Spices @ Shillong Beer Festival
Local Rice Beer with Spices

Apart from the beers , a lot of food options were also available during the event . It included multiple local recipes of chicken and pork . Some guys had also put up a stall to serve chicken and pork satay . Rice and gravy options were also available for those who preferred to eat heavy .

Pork Satay @ Shillong Beer Festival
Pork Satay

Shillong isn’t called the Rock Capital of the nation without reason . Any event happening in and around the area generally accompanies live performances and the Shillong Beer Festival of this year was no exception . However the continuous rain played spoilsport and dampened the spirits of organizers , participants and enthusiasts alike . And now we have to wait for one more year for hopping for an even bigger Shillong Beer Festival !

Beer Dispenser in the Rain @ Shillong Beer Festival
Beer Dispenser in the Rain

Shillong Peak

shillong peak

It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top . ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Shillong , the capital of the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya , is just 80 kilometres from Guwahati . The  Shillong Peak , also called Laitkor Peak, is located about ten kilometers from the center of Shillong , inside an Indian Air Force base . On a cloudless day this place gives a perfect birds eye view of the beautiful city of Shillong . Located at the height of 6449 feet , this is the highest peak of Shillong , and an absolutely must visit if you are there .

This is a prominent picnic spot of the state with ample place for parking and cooking . The beautiful alpine forest and the cool breeze can lift anyone’s spirits any day . And the view from there is just amazing . And do not miss eating some spicy snacks or hot Maggi with a steaming cup of tea at Shillong peak .

Tip : Thorough checking is compulsory at the gate , so try not to carry any illegal or banned items . Helmets are compulsory for even for pillion rider of two wheelers to enter the camp , and they are available for rent at the shops near the gate .

How to get there :

Easiest way is to hire a cab to take you there which should be about Rs. 150 – Rs. 200 .  Or you can take a local tour for around  Rs. 1000 . You can also check these tours organized by the Government of Meghalaya .

Timing :

9AM to 5 PM Everyday .

Entry fees  :