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Sewali Pator Pokori

Fritters with the leaves of night flowering jasmine

Night Flowering Jasmine is better known in India as “Sewali “,  “Parijat ” and ” Sewli ” and is famous to most because of its captivating aroma , so much so that Hindu mythology says that it was one of the rare items discovered during the churning of the ocean of milk and that gods fought over its possession . However I am not going to bore you with mythology and move towards telling you how to make awesome fritters of its leaves !!

fritters of night flowering jasmine leaves

 Eat good to feel good !!

Ingredients :
  1. 15- 20 leaves of night flowering jasmine tree (sewali gosor paat) .
  2. 100 gms  of gram flour (Besan) .
  3. A pinch of turmeric powder .
  4. Salt according to taste .
  5. Mustard oil to deep fry the fritters .
  6. Half a teaspoon baking power .
 Procedure :

Keep the leaves in a bowl of water after picking so that they do not dry up . Meanwhile mix the flour with salt and turmeric and add half a teaspoon of baking powder . Mix water to form a thin batter . Let the batter stay while the oil gets warm .

Dip the leaves in the batter and so they are evenly coated . Then slowly put them in the oil from the side  (be careful oil splashing ) . Fry them till golden brown and then put them on a tissue or newspaper to drain access oil . Tip : put only 2-3 leaves in the oil at a time to fry properly and easily .

So there you have a quick recipe for fritters of the leaves of night flowering jasmine (locally known as sewali pator pokori ) . The slight bitter taste of the soft leaves inside the crunchy batter forms the perfect fritters to go well with almost anything like tea , coffee , soft drinks , etc .

Eat healthy…