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An evening with the Captain Morgan !

As some wise man has once said  ” Rum is the medicine for internal wounds ” . And Captain Morgan landed in Guwahati six days after Valentine’s Day to give the single ladies and gentlemen some respite from their mundane life !!

The Captain Morgan !
The Captain Morgan !
Launch of the Captain Morgan Original Rum in Guwahati
I must confess that I had absolutely no idea about Captain Morgan Original Rum before I got the first-hand experience of tasting it . The Cocktail Party was hosted in Brooklyn Blues , Guwahati and the ambiance and service was just perfect to go with the drink . Be it neat , with aerated drinks or the beautiful cocktails served , the Captain Morgan Original Rum is just legendary .
The party started quite slowly with few drinks being served to the guests . But the scene changed when the mascot , the Captain Morgan walked in with his beautiful ladies ! From the bored sitting-in-the corner-quietly type environment , it suddenly became a dancing , cheering and posing with the handsome guy kind of environment .
One with the Captain Morgan
One with the Captain Morgan !
Named after the legendary buccaneer Henry Morgan , Captain Morgan Original Rum  has distinct taste and aroma , making it a true original rum . Cocktails or otherwise , now I am now a proud follower of the Captain , are you yet ??
And for the cocktail lovers , here is  something from Shantanu Sengupta , the  Brand Ambassador from Diageo Bar Academy specially for you !
Dark Horizon Rusted Anchor
Ingredients Ingredients
Captain Morgan 60ml Captain Morgan 60ml
Basil Leaves 3 pieces Mint leaves 5 to 6
Vanilla Syrup 5ml Brown Sugar 2 tea spoon
Sugar Syrup 5ml Orange Juice 30ml
Apple Juice 40ml Pineapple Juice 40ml
Soda To Top Lime Juice 15ml
Method: Gently muddle the basil, rum, sugar syrup, vanilla syrup and apple juice in a shaker. Add lots of ice and shake the ingredients vigorously. Pour into glassware and top it up with soda Method: Gently muddle the mint, rum, brown sugar syrup, orange juice, pineapple juice and lime in a shaker. Add lots of ice and shake the ingredients vigorously. Pour into tall glassware
Garnish: 2 fresh basil leaves Garnish: Fresh mint spring
Glassware: Barolo Glass Glassware: Collins