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Gahori Pura – Assamese style roast pork salad

Pork or meat from pigs is one of the most consumed meats worldwide . Its popularity is attributed to its ease to cook and how it can complement so many other food ingredients to produce different tastes . So today i decided to pen down a recipe for pork roast salad in Assamese style – gahori pura . This is kind of time-consuming so you can have some fun while this dish gets ready .

roasted pork salad served with chopped onions and green chillies

  Pork and chicken grease , the aromatics of choice for the Cajun . ~ Kane Wheaton

Ingredients :
  1. One kg pork (preferably belly) .
  2. Two large onions .
  3. About fifty grams of ginger and garlic each .
  4. One or two lemon .
  5. Green chillies according to taste .
  6. Pepper and salt according to taste .
  7. Few tomatoes .
  8. Skewers to put the pork .
  9. Fire to roast the pork ( wood or coal will add a nice smoky flavor ) .
  10. Coriander leaves for garnish .
 Procedure :

Start by washing the pork and putting it in a pressure cooker and add about half a teaspoon of salt to the pork along with about 250 ml water . Close the lid and put it on the burner . Wait for 2-3 whistles before removing and then let it cool . Once the pressure is released ,  open the lid and put the meat on a large sieve so that extra water is drained .

Clean and peal the ginger and garlic . Peal and roughly chop the onions . Put the ginger , garlic , onion , tomato and green chillies in a wet grinder and grind to form a thick paste . Add few drops of lemon juice and mustard oil to this paste followed by salt and pepper according to your choice and your marinade is ready . Roughly coat your meat with this paste and let it stand till you get your fire going  . You can go through this post from my blog about how to get a nice wood or coal fire going .

Once you have your fire ready , put 4 – 6 pieces of pork in each skewer and put them on the fire . Let it stay for about one minute in that position before turning the skewer . Repeat this till the meat is nicely caramelized to a golden brown color on all sides . You can also cut tomatoes into halves and skew them alongside the pork .

Cut the roast pork roughly into small pieces . Do the same with the onions and tomatoes . Sprinkle some salt , lemon juice and grated coriander and roughly mix it like a salad . And there is your gahori pura – a roast pork salad .