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Sunga Pork – Pork cooked in bamboo tubes

The word sunga means a hollow cylinder in Assamese  , and the hollow cavity of the bamboo stem in this post . This article is about how we can cook juicy pork stew  in bamboo tubes – sunga pork !!

Sunga Pork - Pork cooked in bamboo tubesPicture courtesy : Buddha Saikia

They call me ” The Pork King ” , they don’t know how much I enjoy it . ~ Robert C. Byrd

Ingredients :
  1. One kg pork without bones cut into medium-sized cubes ( preferably belly ) .
  2. About 50 grams each of fresh ginger and garlic .
  3. One large onions .
  4. Two ripe tomatoes .
  5. Green chilies according to taste .
  6. Salt and black pepper .
  7. Little mustard oil .
  8. Three bamboo stems of edible type ( about 1.5 to 2 feet length , with a node ) .
 Procedure :

Wash the pork properly and boil it in a pressure cooker ( three – four whistles) with half a teaspoon of salt . Then release the pressure and drain the water .

Meanwhile make a paste of the coriander leaves , ginger , garlic , tomato , onions and chillies in a grinder.  Mix this paste with the pork and add salt and black pepper according to your taste  .  Add little bit of mustard oil and then mix everything properly so that the meat is evenly coated with the paste . Let this marinated pork stand for about two to three hours .

Then put the pork in the hollow bamboo stem  , upto about 2/3 rd of the capacity . Then add about half a cup of water to it . Cover it with a tender banana leaf tied with a sting or straw to seal the contents inside .

In the meantime start your charcoal / coal / wood fire ( make sure that there aren’t  much flames or else the bamboo might catch fire )  . Keep the sungas on a raised platform or grill so that the bamboo is not in physical contact with the burning coals .  Also make sure that they do not roll over and spill the contents .

Keep them in the heat of the burning coals for about an hour , occasionally rotating to heat them evenly from all sides . After that let the sunga pork cool for about fifteen minutes before serving . Garnish with fresh herbs , lemon and chillies , and serve this succulent sunga pork while it is still warm .

Click here for more information and recipes on Sungat bonua – cooking in bamboo tubes .


Tengamora pator xoite gahori

Tengamora and mistha tenga are the Assamese names for roselle . It has a slight sour taste and is used extensively in local cuisines . This article is about cooking a pork with roselle leaves .

tengamora pator xoite gahori

Photo Courtesy : Madhurima

If you want a subject , look to pork . ~ Charles Dickens

Ingredients :
  1. One kg pork  ( in medium-sized cubes ) .
  2. Tengamora leaves ( about 250 grams ).
  3. One large onion .
  4. Green chillies and salt according to taste .
  5. About 50 grams of fresh ginger – garlic  paste .
  6. Half a teaspoon each turmeric , cumin , coriander and black pepper powder .
  7. About one tablespoon mustard oil .
  8. Panch phoran .
 Procedure :

Boil the pork in a pressure cooker with a teaspoon of salt and then drain the water . Also add half a teaspoon of salt to a bowl of water and dip the tengamora leaves in it . This cleans the leaves and prevents them from drying up before cooking . Meanwhile , chop the onion into slices and the slice the chillies into halves .

Heat the mustard oil in a pan and put about a teaspoon of panch phoran to it . When they start to pop , add the onions and stir for few seconds . Once the onion starts to get golden brown , add the ginger garlic paste to the pan and continue stirring .

After a few more seconds add the pork and stir properly . Then put the lid on and let it stay for about five minutes for the pork to soften . After that remove the cover , add the turmeric , cumin , coriander and black pepper and stir again before putting the lid back on . Let it stay like that for five more minutes then add the tengamora leaves .

Keep the lid back on and occasionally stir  to prevent the meat from sticking to the bottom of the pan . The dish is ready when the tengamora leaves are almost dissolved , which will take about ten – fifteen minutes more . And you have another classic pork dish ready to be served . Tengamora pator xoite gahori goes well with normal steam rice and a fresh green salad will complement it perfectly .


Stir fried pork slices – the quick way

If you like pork , you will love sliced pork and specially stir fried pork slices . This post is about my recipe for easy and absolutely tasty dish .

Stir fried pork slices

I’m kosher except for times where I eat pork and shellfish . ~ Roseanne Barr

Ingredients :
  1. One kilo pork .
  2. Two – three large onions .
  3. Green chillies according to taste .
  4. Salt and pepper as per need .
  5. About a tablespoon of mustard oil .
  6. Around hundred grams of finely chopped ginger and garlic .
 Procedure :

Ask the butcher to cut the pork in slices unlike how they normally cut in cubes . The slices should each have a layer of skin , fat and meat to taste best .

Wash and boil the pork . Add about half a teaspoon of salt  to the water while boiling . After boiling , remove the pork from water and keep it on some perforated plate or sieve for about half and hour to lose the access water in it .

Heat about a tablespoon of mustard oil in a shallow pan . Roughly chop the onions and green chilies and put them in the mustard oil . Stir them for a minute before adding the pork . Now add the finely chopped ginger and garlic  . Keep stirring the pork occasionally until it is caramelized to form a brown crust . And there is your stir fried pork slices ready within minutes .

My recipe here is a very basic and quick one for stir fried pork slices . You can make it even better by adding your own twist to this beautiful tale  .