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Fruit Custard – the healthy dessert

Everyone loves desserts , but like every other good thing , it comes with a negative side . In case of desserts , its the extra carbs . But what if i told you that i have a recipe where the positive sides of the recipe negates  the negative its problems ? Today I will teach you to make fruit custard , probably the healthiest form of this popular dessert .

fruit custard

  God always has another custard pie up His sleeve . ~ Lynn Redgrave

Ingredients :
  1. Three – four teaspoons of custard powder .
  2. Half a liter milk .
  3. Sugar according to taste .
  4. One tablespoon Sweetened condensed milk .
  5. Fruits ( fresh or dry , choice is yours ) .
 Procedure :

Wash the fruits properly and cut them roughly into small pieces . Add the custard powder in a cup of cold milk (don’t add directly to warm milk because it will form lumps and won’t mix) and mix properly . Add the condensed milk to this mix .

Put the remaining milk in a pan and start warming it in a low flame . Add the sugar (or any other sweetener of your choice) to the milk and stir once . Slowly add the custard and milk syrup to this milk in the pan and stir . Keep the flame low and keep stirring slowly but continuously (Note : if u stop stirring , the custard  will stick to the bottom of the pan ) . Within a minute or two the milk starts to thicken and become viscous . Stitch the flame off after about five minutes . By then the milk becomes a thick fluid of consistent silky texture .

Let this liquid cool for about fifteen minutes then add any fruit of your choice( Tip : Use both sweet and sour fruits for a proper combination ) . You can serve this fruit custard directly in a slightly warm temperature or put it in the fridge if u want to serve it as a cold dessert . Garnish with cream or whipped cream if you want .