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Narikol Pitha / Japa Pitha

Continuing the thread of authentic Assamese cuisines , I want to tell you about another sweet delicacy . Narikol pitha is specially for all the sweet toothed coconut lovers .

Narikol pitha - a type of Assamese delicacy

   Coconut is one of those love hate ingredients . ~ Marcus Samuelsson

Ingredients :
  1. One kilo of sticky rice .
  2. Two to three coconuts .
  3. About two – three hundred grams of sugar or jaggery (according to taste) .
  4. A pinch of salt .
  5. Few cardamom pods .
 Procedure :

Wash and soak the rice for about four – five hours . Meanwhile, grate the coconut flesh and mix it with the sugar or jaggery( in melted or powdered form ) . Put this sweet coconut mix in a nonstick pan and stir for sometime in a low flame . Also add the cardamom to the pan .  Stirring this mix for about five – ten minutes will produce a nice golden brown color and lovely aroma . That is when u can remove the pan from the flames . For extra taste you can add a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk while stirring .

Leave the coconut mix to cool down and grind the rice to a fine flour . Use a fine sieve to remove any rice pieces left in the powder . Add a pinch of salt to this powder and mix it .

Warm up a flat pan for making the narikol pitha (do not make it too hot , otherwise the flour will stick to the pan ) . Use about a fistful of the flour and make a small round shape of about half a centimeter thickness  as shown in the center of the picture . The heat makes the flour stick and forms small roti – like shape . Add about two teaspoons of the sweet coconut mix in the middle of the pitha and fold it in the middle to form a semicircular shape as shown in the picture . Press the edges to seal the coconut  inside the pitha .

There you have your recipe for another Assamese delicacy popularly known as narikol pitha or japa pitha . It can be preserved for more than a week if kept in a dry air-tight container , but it tastes absolutely heavenly directly of the pan .So try to serve it hot .