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Silk Route Resort Sualkuchi

Won’t it be really awesome to have your lunch with your friends or family in a nice open aired resort with the Brahmaputra on one side and a hilly forest on the other ? Those who have been there must have guessed it already . And for those who are going to visit it in the future , I am talking about the silk route resort sualkuchi .

Silk route resort sualkuchi

Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth .

The wonderful wood and bamboo furniture complements the scene perfectly . This place serves few authentic Assamese cuisines which are an absolutely delight to eat . They chicken and mutton are great , but the locally caught fish and duck are just awesome .

Winter season brings flocks of migratory birds , specially ducks to this place , making it a haven for not only birdwatchers and photographers but also everyone else . Although it is open all year round , I would personally suggest you not to visit in March – April as it can become dusty due to the river in its vicinity.

Tip : A late lunch by the sunset over the river is the best time to be there . And the quiet town of Sualkuchi which is about 7 kilometers from here is know for its authentic silk clothes .

How to get there :

Take the left turn towards Sualkuchi at Singimari .After about three kilometers from Singimari , look for a board showing directions for a government resort on the left of a Y – intersection on the left side of the road  . Take the left and follow the road for about 200 meters and again take left at the next intersection . Follow the road to its end to reach the silk route resort sualkuchi. Total distance is about  25 kilometers from Jalukbari in Guwahati .

Timing :

12 PM to 7 PM Everyday .

Entry fees  :



North Guwahati – the other side of the river

Sunset from north guwahati

Image Courtesy : Buddha Saikia

 All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware . ~ Martin Buber

A  ten minute ferry ride across the mighty Brahmaputra river from the busy Fancy Bazar ghat of Guwahati will get you to the totally different world of North Guwahati . If you are afraid of taking the ferry , you can always take an about one hour long journey by public transport to reach this place .

Historically the capital of the state of the state of Kamrupa , this part of Assam has great mythological as well as historical significance . The temple of Aswaklanta finds its mention in the Hindu holy text of Mahabharata while Doul Govinda is an auspicious temple for the worshipers of Lord Krishna .

Keeping mythology aside , the Indian Institute of Technology  Guwahati , one of the most reputed engineering collages of India is also located in North Guwahati . And a multitude of large hospitals and industries also dot this side of the river .

Life in North Guwahati is much slower and serene compared to the south bank of the river . The pollution and population also is quite less thus giving it a sense of calmness . Multiple locations are available for picnics or getting together with family and friends . Easy  access by ferries at regular interval and its relatively quieter environment attracts local as well as foreign tourists to come here and enjoy the hospitality of the local people .

So if you can make some time out of your schedule , do give this side of the Brahmaputra a visit .

Travel tip : If you want to go by bus , please confirm beforehand that there is no traffic on the Saraighat bridge and using the waterway might be scary for first timers on a windy day .


Umananda – a sanctuary amidst turbulent waters

Umananda Temple

Image courtesy : Yathin_sk(Wiki Commons)

True merit , like a river , the deeper it is  , the less noise it makes . ~ E F L Wood

The tiny Umananda Island or Peacock Island is the smallest inhabitable river island in the world. With a temple with historical and mythological significance , this island is also the home of beautiful Golden Langurs .

It’s a great place if you want to break free from the hustle – bustle of the Guwahati city even if it’s just for an hour or two. Right in the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra, this picturesque rocky island is mythologically said to be created by the Hindu god Shiva for beloved wife Parvati’s pleasure and happiness . It is also the place where he made Kamadeva pay the greatest price for disturbing his meditation .

Mythology aside, one can simply sit on the rocks in the middle of one of the biggest rivers of the world and watch the multitude of boats and ferries criss – cross the seemingly calm waters . Reachable only by boat, this place is definitely not for aqua phobics . A meagre Rs. 10 for both way journey and a journey time of about five minutes for one way , aboard a ferry is definitely a luxury everyone can afford .

Next time you are in Guwahati do take a trip to Umananda island and don’t forget to tell me how it feels.