Spicy green chutney

Most Indians like spicy hot food and if you are like them , you will love this spicy green chutney . This is so easy that you can make it within a maximum of  fifteen minutes and might be hotter than most people can handle .

spicy indian green chutney

  It’s like spicy food – sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it . ~ Kenneth Edmonds

Ingredients :
  1. Chillies according to taste ( i used about fifteen krishna jolokia) .
  2. A large piece of ginger .
  3. Two whole large garlic pods .
  4. One lemon .
  5. A little bit mustard oil .
  6. Salt  according to taste .
  7. About half a teaspoon of black pepper powder .
  8. Few mint leaves .
  9. Few coriander leaves .
 Procedure :

Peal the garlic buds and garlic . Remove the chili stems and wash everything properly.

Roughly chop everything and put it in the jar wet grinding. Add just a little bit of water and start the grinder . Run for about 30 seconds and then open the jar of the grinder and clean whatever is sticking to the walls and cover and put it back in with a spoon or the scraper that comes with the grinder . Repeat this till there is no large piece of ginger or garlic is present in the mix .

This spicy green chutney can be preserved for about three days after preparation , if kept in a fridge but i would suggest to make it fresh every time . For even more heat use Ghost Peppers .


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