Silk Route Resort Sualkuchi

Won’t it be really awesome to have your lunch with your friends or family in a nice open aired resort with the Brahmaputra on one side and a hilly forest on the other ? Those who have been there must have guessed it already . And for those who are going to visit it in the future , I am talking about the silk route resort sualkuchi .

Silk route resort sualkuchi

Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth .

The wonderful wood and bamboo furniture complements the scene perfectly . This place serves few authentic Assamese cuisines which are an absolutely delight to eat . They chicken and mutton are great , but the locally caught fish and duck are just awesome .

Winter season brings flocks of migratory birds , specially ducks to this place , making it a haven for not only birdwatchers and photographers but also everyone else . Although it is open all year round , I would personally suggest you not to visit in March – April as it can become dusty due to the river in its vicinity.

Tip : A late lunch by the sunset over the river is the best time to be there . And the quiet town of Sualkuchi which is about 7 kilometers from here is know for its authentic silk clothes .

How to get there :

Take the left turn towards Sualkuchi at Singimari .After about three kilometers from Singimari , look for a board showing directions for a government resort on the left of a Y – intersection on the left side of the road  . Take the left and follow the road for about 200 meters and again take left at the next intersection . Follow the road to its end to reach the silk route resort sualkuchi. Total distance is about  25 kilometers from Jalukbari in Guwahati .

Timing :

12 PM to 7 PM Everyday .

Entry fees  :



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  1. The view is awesome. Planning to visit there. One query though. Is there only Assamese food on the menu? Can we get other Indian delicacies there??


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