Pobitora – the one horned rhino habitat

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its one horned rhino population . So if you want a place where it is sure to spot wild rhinos , this is the place for you to be !!

 No one needs a rhino horn , but a rhino .

The beautiful pobitora wildlife sanctuary is located about thirty kilometers from Guwahati and provides an excellent getaway for everyone . The one horned rhino is an endangered species now found only in the state of Assam (also its state animal ) in India and is the main attraction of this park .

Area-wise pobitora is small , just about 39 sq kms , but he presence of large open spaces enables the easy spotting of the wild animals here much easier than anywhere else . Apart from more than a hundred one horned rhinos , wild buffalo and boars are also abundant in this park .

But what makes it even more special is the abundance of migratory birds which visit the park in the winters . Due to its abundant aquatic resources , a variety of fish eating cranes and ducks visit this park every winter .

Another reason of its popularity is that it is just 30 kms from Guwahati through the mystic land of Mayong . This makes not just the destination but also the journey special .

How to get there :

Take the road towards Bonda from Narengi Tiniali . There is just one road , follow it for about 30 kilometers . Take a right at , where a board displays the name and direction for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary . Then follow the road for about two more kilometers to reach the gate which is on the left of the road.
Another road is from Sonapur , of the NH 37 . Take a left  and get of the highway to . Follow the road for about 20 kilometers to reach the park . If you take this road , do keep your eyes on the right side of the road . Might spot multiple one horned rhinos even before reaching the park .

Timing :

9 AM to 3 PM Everyday .

Entry fees  :

Jeep safari costs about Rs. 1500 per jeep ( maximum 6 people ) .
Elephant safari costs about Rs. 500 per person .


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