North Guwahati – the other side of the river

Sunset from north guwahati

Image Courtesy : Buddha Saikia

 All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware . ~ Martin Buber

A  ten minute ferry ride across the mighty Brahmaputra river from the busy Fancy Bazar ghat of Guwahati will get you to the totally different world of North Guwahati . If you are afraid of taking the ferry , you can always take an about one hour long journey by public transport to reach this place .

Historically the capital of the state of the state of Kamrupa , this part of Assam has great mythological as well as historical significance . The temple of Aswaklanta finds its mention in the Hindu holy text of Mahabharata while Doul Govinda is an auspicious temple for the worshipers of Lord Krishna .

Keeping mythology aside , the Indian Institute of Technology  Guwahati , one of the most reputed engineering collages of India is also located in North Guwahati . And a multitude of large hospitals and industries also dot this side of the river .

Life in North Guwahati is much slower and serene compared to the south bank of the river . The pollution and population also is quite less thus giving it a sense of calmness . Multiple locations are available for picnics or getting together with family and friends . Easy  access by ferries at regular interval and its relatively quieter environment attracts local as well as foreign tourists to come here and enjoy the hospitality of the local people .

So if you can make some time out of your schedule , do give this side of the Brahmaputra a visit .

Travel tip : If you want to go by bus , please confirm beforehand that there is no traffic on the Saraighat bridge and using the waterway might be scary for first timers on a windy day .


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