Mystic Mayong

The word Mayong is believed to have come the Sanskrit word for magic , Maya  , so you can imagine why I named this article  Mystic Mayong .


To travel is to awaken . ~ Lily Tsay

Mayong is a village  located in the Morigaon district of Assam and the name itself is synonymous with black magic . Its said that the chief of this kingdom fought in the the battle of Mahabharata with his magical powers .

About twenty five kilometres from the edge of Guwahati and you feel the change in the weather . The concrete and buildings slowly give way to greenery and small Assam-type houses . And the lack of pollution makes it so much better .

Although the mythical magic is very hard to find , few young people do show street magic to earn their living . But the crown jewel of this area is the very beautiful Pobitora wildlife sanctuary . The ease of access and the almost surety of spotting one horned rhinos in the wild is what makes Pobitora extra special .

I believe , the old sayings about people disappearing or turned into animals by the black magicians  probably started because people who came here were captivated by the beauty and decided to stay !!

How to get there :

Take the road towards Bonda from Narengi Tiniali . There is just one road , follow it for about 30 kilometers . Take a right at , where a board displays the name and direction for Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary . Then follow the road for about two more kilometers to reach the gate which is on the left of the road.

Another road is from Sonapur , of the NH 37 . Take a left and get of the highway at . Follow the road for about 20 kilometers to reach the park . If you take this road , do keep your eyes on the right side of the road . Might spot multiple one horned rhinos even before reaching the park .

Timing :

Dawn to Dusk Everyday .

Entry fees  :

None . However entry fees is applicable for Pobitora wildlife sanctuary or any other local tourist destination .


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