Lemonade – the re-energising cooler

With the summers just round the corner , most Indians are now thinking of ways too beat the heat . What better than a natural cooler which doubles up as an energy drink . So I am writing this procedure to make lemonade quickly .


When life gives you lemons , make lemonade .

Ingredients :
  1. Two lemons .
  2. Three teaspoons of sugar .
  3. Pinch of salt .
  4. Few mint leaves .
  5. Half a liter of cold water .
  Procedure :

Dissolve the sugar in half a cup of normal water (easier to mix than cold water). Cut the lemons in to halves and roughly  chop the mint leaves .

Crush the lemons to get the juice into the cold water and add the sugar solution to it . Add a pinch of salt followed by the chopped mint leaves . Stir it once and your lemonade is ready to be served .

Add 2-3 ice cubes if you want and serve in thick glass glasses . You can garnish with a slice of lemon or a mint leaf or two . And your  lemonade is ready in less than five minutes .

Enjoy the summers …



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