Chicken Fry – the quick way !

Everyone loves chicken as its cheap , available , quick to prepare and tasty to eat . And chicken fry is one of the easiest  to cook and most versatile to use chicken dishes . So today I present a recipe for a quick Indian style chicken fry just the way i like it .

chicken fry

 We all like chicken . ~ Malcolm X

Ingredients :
  1. 1 kg chicken .
  2. 250  gms onion .
  3. 100 gms tomatoes .
  4. 50 gms ginger – garlic paste .
  5. Green chilies according to taste .
  6. Fresh coriander .
  7. One teaspoon each cumin and coriander powder .
  8. Red chili powder .
  9. About 50 ml mustard oil .
  10. 2-3 bay leaves .
  11. 2-3 cardamom pods .
  12. Small piece of cinnamon .
  13. Cumin seeds .
  14. Half a teaspoon sugar .
  15. Salt according to taste .
 Procedure :

Wash the chicken and keep it in a bowl . Roughly chop the onions , tomatoes and green chilies .  Warm up the bay leaves , cardamom and cinnamon in a dry pan for extra flavor before grinding them .

Heat the oil in a frying pan and put few cumin seeds . Add less than half a teaspoon of sugar to the oil  which makes the color better . When the cumin seeds start to turn brown , add the chopped chilies and stir for a minute before adding the chopped onions . Add a pinch of salt and keep stirring till the onion is slightly fried  and then add half the ginger – garlic paste and stir again . Then add the chicken and stir well so that it mixes properly with the onion in the pan . Cover the pan for five minutes and let it cook . Thereafter add a spoon each of coriander and cumin powder along with the chopped tomatoes and cover it with the flame on simmer. After about five more minutes stir the chicken and make sure that all the ingredients mix properly . Then add the powdered spices to the pan along with the remaining ginger garlic paste and cover it again for about two more minutes . Keep stirring for a minute or two after that before switching off the burner .

Chop the fresh coriander leaves and add just before serving . Also add a pat of butter for that little extra taste . Thus your chicken fry is ready within half an hour . This goes well as a side dish as well as main course with rice or chapati or even as an appetizer . Do share your feelings after trying .

Eat well people …



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